Friday, December 19, 2008

Long Term Sub

Monday morning1st period our Science Curriculum Coordinator stopped by my classroom. She had hired someone to be my long term sub. Stephanie is great! I really like her. She just graduated from Texas Women’s University. I am very lucky, because most of the time when you have a long-term sub you get 3 days to work with the sub and show them everything. Stephanie is already hired and gets to work with me until I leave. It’s nice getting to have 2 teachers in the room! She already knows the kids names and has been working so hard. She has been teaching several class periods, which gives me time to get notes organized for her when I’m gone, take care of grading, and planning. I feel so much better knowing who will be in my class when I’m gone. I think the kids are relieved knowing who will be there, too.

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