Friday, December 19, 2008

Bed Rest

I have to admit that I had a feeling this was coming, but I tried very hard to avoid it. Since the nurse at the hospital said to call Dr. Joseph on Monday with an update I did. I would never had called if it were just me, but I know that it's me and Wyatt so I followed doctor's orders. My blood pressure was high again while sitting up and Nurse Shellye (my friend and school nurse who used to work for Dr. Joseph) called him with me. We gave him the update and he said I needed to go home. I thought this meant finish the day and settle things at school and then I am done for the week.... NOPE! He meant grab your stuff, tell Stephanie, and go home now! Now, everyone reading this knows I'm a planner and I have a little control freak in me and this was soooo overwhelming. I felt like I was dumping everything on everyone that I work with. I went to my mom's and made myself a spot on her couch. Since they work at home, I like staying there so I don't feel all alone. We will see how long she lets me camp out... they say I talk a lot. I have a word limit to meet everyday... we all know this!

It's Friday now since I don't update very often. The next 2 weeks are the Holiday Break from school so I would have been off, which is nice because when I'm off and everyone's at work I have this horrible feeling like I'm playing "hookie." Guess, I should have done it more in high school... I didn't because I get this feeling. :) It's very hard to stay laying down all day! Especially when my shopping isn't done and the house is not ready for little Wyatt. But everyone has offered to help and that makes me feel good.

I also think that to help me stay down I was blessed with a cold this week, too. :) It hasn't been fun, but it did make me lay down and sleep. I'm getting over it now, so I'm hoping by tomorrow the cold will be gone!

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Chancy Smith said...

If you want some company at home the next two weeks, give me a call!