Friday, November 7, 2008

My Science Geek Trip

I got to miss school Thursday and Friday this week. For some reason it's as exciting to miss school as it was when I was in school. Even though love my job AND it takes hours to prepare just to have a sub for 2 days... I still look forward to it. Anyways, the CAST conference for Science teachers was this week in Fort Worth. Beth, MJ (Jennifer), Chad, Andrew, and Jay all went, too. They are other Science teachers at Griffin. We had a lot of fun. So, this makes the baby blog because we walked all over downtown Fort Worth for 2 days. You should see my feet! Yuck! They are huge and swollen. I'll spare you and not put pictures of this on the blog. :) Even with swollen feet I managed to play pool, which by the way Chad and I won 2 games of. Not on my account! haha

It is 28 weeks now and I can hardly believe how soon Wyatt will be here. He has been moving a lot. He's been a busy little boy. Not sure what he's doing in there, but I assume he'll be an active kiddo! It's been so neat. The girls were able to feel him move all weekend. MJ has twin boys and Beth has two girls so they were able to feel Wyatt and tell me where they thought he was and all that. I know I feel him, but it's hard for me to tell exactly how he's sitting.

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