Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kicking my Feet Up

We went to the doctor last Thursday. It was our first appointment for having to go every other week. That makes it seem so close. My blood pressure has been creeping up there, which they take very seriously. Dr. Joseph told me that I have to reduce as much stress as possible, keep drinking lots of water, and I cannot stand up and teach anymore. If you have ever taught then you know this is tough! Especially teaching in a huge lab room. I got really scared that I'm headed toward bed rest so I took everything he said very seriously. I want Wyatt to be healthy and we can't afford for me not to work.

Luckily, I work with amazing people. I told Beth and Lauren (2 other science teachers) that morning on my way to school how the appointment went. Before I knew it, our principal and everyone knew what the doctor had told me. They all made sure that I had a good chair and come and check on me to make sure I'm sitting. I also told my kids that I had to sit and I would need their help. What I meant by this was please do what you know to do and act like you know you are supposed to. I have a little control freak in me and sitting and teaching with 2o-something kids in the room is difficult. I'm sure that's a control thing. :) My kids are awesome and they have been great. Just like drinking my water, they remind me to sit down. Today, we did a lab and I rolled around in my rolly chair back and forth to all the lab tables. It went really well. The kids even made sure to keep their things out of the way so I good roll back and forth. Yes, this is a sight to see, but apparently it's working. I go to the nurse 2 times a day and for the past two days my blood pressure has been back to normal. That makes me so happy! It's crazy how fast it got better just by sitting down more.

Now, I am really looking forward to the Thanksgiving Break. I'm off ALL next week. Woohoo!!!

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Tiffany said...

Not saying who (ME) but you're going to have a visitor next week and your visitor (ME) will make sure you stay sitting down! Did they say anything about overbearing friends getting in the jacuzzi?!? Maybe if we tell them I flew in from Europe just to see this baby they'll let me play in it! I'll get you a rubber duckie!