Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby Class (aka Old School Lamaze)

So, we have been to 3 of our 4 Baby Classes so far. I like to call it Baby Class, because Lamaze sounds so old. :) We go on Tuesdays and it's from 6:30-9:30. That's a LONG time on a good day, but after working all day and being huge and pregnant... it's a long time to sit and listen. But I do like it. Chris... not so much. :) He's being a good husband though and he even participates. Last night we got to go on the tour of the hospital. This was what I was looking forward to the most. And the videos, which Chris does not watch at all. I am weird and I like them, but that must be part of the science teacher in me. I want to know what happens, how, and when, and I want to see the pictures. However, not when it's me and to set the record there will not be any photography going on in my room. So, back to the tour. The nurses are very nice. The rooms are great. Allen Presby is called a "Baby Friendly" hospital, so you get a room and it's where you will stay the whole time. It has the nice bed, TV, and all that fun stuff. We'll see if I notice any of that when I'm hurting. It's a fairly big room and you get your own. There's even a chair that turns into a bed for Chris. The nursery is empty because the babies stay in the room with Mom and Dad the entire time. The sinks are even made special to bathe the baby in. Of course, they have everything they need in the nursery in case Wyatt needed anything special, but they try to do everything in the room. AND, I saved the best for last. One room (room number LDRP7 to be exact) has a nice huge jacuzzi tub that makes the room look like a honeymoon suite! We are asking for that room as soon as we get there. I hope it's a slow day/night. On all the videos they show us in class people are getting in the tub for a little bit during labor and I told Chris, "no way... I'm not getting in a tub with nurses coming in to check on me." Well, I changed my mind after I saw how nice it looked. I hope I get that room. No, I'm not delivering in the tub. I just want to hang out in there for a little bit. Now, we will see if I care when it comes down to it. I just need to break the news to Chris that the tub is for the Mommy's not the Daddy's, because I think he thinks it's for him. Well, I didn't mean to write a novel, but I'm so excited and being in the labor and delivery rooms and everything makes me so excited. Only 10 weeks to go!!!

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