Monday, December 23, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

An ice storm came to Texas and we got "snowed" in for a few days. School was cancelled, lots of places were closed, several people lost power, and things were a little crazy. Luckily, we had power and so we stayed nice and cozy at home... except for all our little adventures.

It was pretty much a skating rink right outside our door and the kids had fun slip-sliding around. Uncle Garrett spent a few nights with us, which was great for Wyatt because they could venture outside more often than when I went out. The boys had a blast playing in the back yard and spent hours kicking icicles and blocks of ice.
Here's Kenley the first morning before I dug out her snow clothes. She couldn't wait to get out so I threw a few things on her and let her check it out.

This is what Wyatt walked out in at first. I had to send him back in to get more clothes.

We save movies on our DVR and we had to replace it this year and lost all the kids' movies. Wyatt waited and waited for Frosty to come on again this year. He asked me just about every day if it was the day Frosty came on. So we had a hot chocolate, popcorn, and movie night.

When the kids went to bed Chris and I played the new game that Elfie brought us. He won! I'm sure he will want that documented because it doesn't happen often. He won the 2nd night, too. :(

Reagan loved the "snow" days, too.

And so did Cope! Well, maybe not so much, but he made it work.

Our poor trees got so weighted down by the snow. Luckily, we didn't lose any.

We went sledding in our neighborhood where we have a pretty good hill. It was so much fun. Everyone bundled up in snow suits and lots of layers and out we went to play. Reagan was in her snow suit in her carseat covered with blankets and then the carseat was covered with blankets. She was super cozy and slept through all the excitement. (See her in the wagon.)

We also pulled a storage bucket for the kids to ride down the hill in. They loved it until they figured out the cookie sheets were faster and then they stepped it up to those. Chris and I may have had just as much fun as the kids flying down the hill!

By the end of our snow days we were ready to get OUT!!! What better way to kill some energy than to go play at McD's with friends.

And another of my cute snuggle bunny.

The ice melted slowly. Uncle Jeff works for NTTA and they were so busy working overnight shifts for DAYS that I got to keep my sweet niece, Peyton, one day. I took this picture of the kids loaded up in the "bus" so we could take Wyatt to school.

Our chilly little week was full of great memories. Now we've decided we need to buy a real sled and are hoping to get some real snow so we can build a snowman.

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