Thursday, December 5, 2013

Catching Up {Kenley}

This sweet little girl has been every bit of 2... cute, mischievous, sweet, and into everything. I really love this age. I love watching the curiosity and learning that's going on in a 2 year olds mind. You can totally watch them and see their little minds working. So, check out what Kenley's been up to...

This girl loooooooves makeup. Loves it. If I don't know where she is for 30 seconds she will have mascara (which is now on lock down) all over her face or nail polish (also on lock down) all over her hands. Here is her work from yesterday morning..

Wyatt kept explaining to her how much trouble she was in.

Our Elf on the Shelf, Elfie, brought these little mosaic crafts where you put sticky foam squares on the colored squares on the picture. Kenley worked so hard on hers. I even facetimed Chris while he was at work so he could observe the difference between boys and girls. At this age, Wyatt would have gone super fast and just stuck things. Kenley, however, took her time, pulled off ones that weren't done well enough for her, and wanted to put the colors in the right spot. Love my kids' concentration faces.

The kids found a teeny tiny barrel of monkeys I have in my old teaching bucket of prizes. Here Kenley is attaching all the monkeys.

This is my absolute favorite picture of Kenley ever! The girls and I went shopping while Wyatt was in school. At Old Navy Kenley found this headband (for a big girl) and carried it throughout the store. I checked out and then she realized we weren't getting it and was so sad. I decided to let her get it and she was sooooo proud. I told her to smile and show me her new bow and this is what I got...

I got new blush and let Kenley have the old one to play with and here she is all dolled up by herself with blush (pretty sure all over to face), chapstick, and her heels. Boys are born knowing how to make a gun out of anything and girls are born with a passion for makeup and shoes.

Wyatt and Daddy went hunting one weekend (that post is coming soon from Chris). The girls and I hung out all weekend. We rode the carousel and she got 2 more princesses from the Disney store to add to her collection.

That same weekend Kaleton was in town and we got to go to dinner with them.

Kenley brings me stuff all the time and says "Here you go, Mommy," and it's the sweetest thing ever. She says it so cute and gets so excited. Here she is bringing me her homemade soup.

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