Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wyatt's 1st Day of Pre-K

Wyatt is going to Pre-K three days a week this year. He had a great first day and told me all about his teachers and friends. He has several of his friends from last year in his class and his BFF, Aidan, is going to the same school this year (and in the same class!). I was nervous how the first day would go since we've been having a rough time with the transition to 3 kids. There's been so much going on around here, bed rest, a new baby, soccer starting, Pre-K, etc. that Wyatt's been acting out quite a bit. He is great with Reagan and very interested in her. His struggles have mostly been listening the first time and acting like a baby some. We know it's just a phase (that's normal for the circumstances) and are praying that school will help us get our new routine set and get everyone back into a good schedule. So I was very excited when the teachers said he was very well behaved and he told me how much fun he had.  
It was super sunny and so I need to redo this picture. Poor guy could hardly open his eyes.

I was having trouble taking good pictures... apparently I picked the sunniest places. :( Here's Wyatt and Aidan ready to go.

The girls and I hung out at the house while Wyatt was at school. Kenley got some special mommy-time while Reagan was sleeping. She got her fingers and toes polished, which is one of her favorite things to do. No idea where she gets it from?!?!

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