Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Precious Moments

I've been such a bad blogger lately and there's no way to catch up on everything so I went through my phone and added some of the precious moments I've missed blogging. And, yes, Kenley is 6 months and I just posted her 5 month picture. It's all coming. I'll get that one up as soon as I get her doctor appointment stats (hopefully before she's 7 months).

Wyatt loves to do "crafts." I have this board that I hang his work on, but it's never really a big deal. I usually end up sticking stuff on there when he's not watching after the artwork dries or whatever. We look at it and it's special, but I didn't think Wyatt really cared. Well... this day after he finished he jumped up, ran to the board, and was soooo excited to hang up his work so that "Daddy would see it." I took this picture to send to Chris at work. How cute is that?! And yes, Mom, you still have the "Mom of the Year Award" (I keep trying to steal her award) because I let my child wear his underwear inside out AND backwards. Here are my thoughts. 1.) We are lucky he put them on because he hates putting them on. I always find his undies laying by the potty because he takes everything off to go potty, then only puts his pants back on. Lazy. 2.) He did it himself.

Ignore the mess. Our house always has toys everywhere unless it's nap time. Look at both of my babies watching TV together.

I love when babies randomly fall asleep wherever they are and it makes a super cute picture like this one.

We've been going for walks after dinner when we eat at my mom's house. Wyatt rides his red car. I push Kenley. My mom helps Wyatt get "gas" at every fire hydrant "gas station" using a stick she carries as the pump. Love it.

Another one of Wyatt's favorite things to do at Grammy's is go feed the ducks. She now has a stockpile of crackers in her car trunk just for the ducks. Wyatt LOVES his Grammy!

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