Sunday, April 22, 2012

Roughin' It

Last weekend, Chris, Wyatt, Kenley, Uncle Garrett and I all went down to the deer lease. This was my first time to go with our kids and it was a blast. The drive down went great. All the kid were really good.

Now that I've been selling ThirtyOne bags and accessories, I have a bag for everything and I love it!

At night we went spotlighting looking for animals. The stars were so bright in the sky, too. We got to watch several deer. Chris drove the truck, Kenley rode in her carseat and slept, Wyatt got to ride in the front seat (which was HUGE), and Garrett and I rode in the bed. Garrett told me everything I needed to know about hunting and he was a great guide on our trip. I even got some "ghost" stories on the second night.

Traded in my pink for the weekend for this...

Wyatt doesn't get a real gun yet, but he practiced his gun safety with a toy gun that he called his "shooter shooter."

Kenley in her camo dress that has "Daddy's Girl" in pink and a little bling on it.

While hanging out in the trailer on the second day Kenley and I decided to polish nails since we wanted a little bit of girl time. :) Her first pedi... not her last though.

The boys doing what they do.

See that smile behind her binky?!

Our second ride for the weekend. This thing is FUN!

I'm excited to have many more fun weekends out there. It was a nice little getaway for all of us.

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