Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Eggstravaganza

The annual egg dying party at my mom's house. My mom doesn't do anything small and her egg dying party is no eggception ;). 20+ dozen and everyone gets to bring their eggs home.

Everyone joins in the fun! Here's my sister (and baby Peyton due in May) and Papa.

We celebrated with my family, Chris' family, and close friends on Saturday. The Easter Bunny hid eggs at the park. 320 eggs! EB is like my mom and doesn't do anything small apparently. Then we launched rockets at the park. The kids all loved pressing the button and counting down. I love setting them up. And we had plenty of spectators. It was the perfect day at the park with family. Then the party moved to my mom's where we had lots of food and swimming.

Wyatt and Daddy hunting eggs

With Grandma (my stepmom)

Handsome Papa.

My sister, Dawn's, girls Devyn and Marnie - red faces and full bags from all the running around getting eggs

Sunday morning we woke up to see that the Easter Bunny had been to out house, eaten our carrots, and left "baskets" full of surprises.

If you have talked to Wyatt AT ALL in the last few months, you know that all he wanted from the Easter Bunny was hot dog candy. The Easter Bunny did not disappoint! And then you ask, what are HD candies and how does he know about them?! Well, we spend lots of time in craft stores and he happened to spot them once in the party aisle. They are nasty, gummy candies shaped like hot dogs in a bun. He would eat these for every meal if I let him and he eats EVERY one the same way. 1st pulls the hot dog out of the bun (because of course it comes out) and shoves the whole bun in his mouth which is way to big. Chomps for no less that 3 minutes. Then eats the hot dog. Love this kid!

Yes, there were other things. Note the "bun" is in his mouth and the hot dog is in his right hand. I'm not lying. Every. Single. Time.

For Sunday brunch we went to the Intercontinental Hotel Brunch. It's the best brunch ever, but this whole eating healthy thing really put a cramp in that. It was a nice time with family.
Wyatt went up to the EB, talked to him, got his candy, said "thank you," and wasn't going to take his eyes off of him to stand there long enough to get a picture.

But Kenley was fearless.

Cousin Tripp and Little Miss chatting

We had a great time celebrating with family and friends and although the eggs, candy, and swimming were all fun, the most special part was spending time with family and friends celebrating the true meaning of Easter.

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Nancy Jennings said...

So precious!! I also LOVE the bags the Easter Bunny brought his loot in!!! :)