Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oooh, now I get it...

I finally understand what they meant when they said your hormones get out of whack when you're pregnant. I was doing so good! Now, I'll cry at just about anything... can't find something to wear... tears, something's not where I left it (or thought I left it)... tears, and it goes on and on. I think the worst part is that I realize how ridiculous it is, but I can't stop them sometimes. Thank God Chris hasn't left me yet. He's actually very sweet about it all. He usually says, "Just go to bed." And I have been. Sometimes I'm in bed by 8.

And about that flu shot. I guess it's been a long time since I've had a shot in my arm. I know I've had lots of blood drawn. Well, my arm hurts. It's not anything too bad... I just don't remember having such a sore arm from one little shot. It also made a lump. Apparently, Chris tells me now that you are supposed to rub them afterwards so you don't get a lump. Who knew? And I'm definitely not rubbing it now that it's sore. If you are laughing because I'm complaining about this and I'm about to have a BABY.... I guess we are both realizing I better toughen up. Hahaha.

I just wanted to say "hello" tonight, but I didn't have much to say. Some of you know my friend Tiffany. She's in Switzerland for a year being a nanny and I promised to keep her up to date on everything with this blog. Now, that she has one and she updates almost everyday I guess I need to post a little more than I have been. :) So, there you go Aunt Tiffany.


Tiffany said...

Well, Aunt Tiffany is about to start slackin! I'm doing good right now because everyone keeps asking me what I'm doing, but pretty soon I'm sure it will be a once a week thing. I'm glad you're posting stuff. I'm gonna call you soon, I really just never have any time. Plus it's so hard with the time difference. Anyway, shots aren't that bad! Remember when I tried the shot giving profession for a while? Well, I do, and I gave about 40 shots a day to KIDS and they didn't cry, so quit bein a baby! You knew that was coming! Anyway, take care and I'll talk to you soon. Can you believe I've already been here two weeks? It has gone by SO FAST!

Chancy Smith said...

I had one major breakdown. Just ask Brandon about Babies r us and the car wash. I know, sounds crazy, but it is funny now! I am glad you finally got pictures! I have to sit down and find time to update Cooper's! I got Photo Shop Elements so when I have a little time (who knows when that will be) I am going to digital srapbook!