Monday, October 27, 2008

The Baby Bump!

Here you go, Sue (Chris's mom). This is just for you. :) I hate it... but since you asked for it... here it is. I am loving being pregnant, but I wouldn't say I love how many changes I get to see happening by the hour. The belly is fine, but who knew your face and feet get bigger, too.

I don't get to get on here very much, but I wanted to send a quick update. When I looked at the ticker I noticed how close we are getting. Wow! Time is flying by... I can hardly believe it! I'm so excited to meet Wyatt. Sunday Chris and I were just hanging around the house and both of us started talking about how neat it will be when Wyatt is here. We just wanted to be playing with him.


Anonymous said...

Thank look awesome, just glowing.
I love the charm and bracelet, he did do good! you

Tiffany said...

Ohhh, I think I almost cried! I can't believe it! You've got a baby in your belly!!! I'm so excited I'll be home to see you and let him kick me in a couple weeks! 16 more days! I don't care if you're one of those people who doesn't want anyone touching your stomach, I'm going to! I'm flying in from Europe to see this belly. I get to do what I want with it!