Monday, October 13, 2008

Fair Day

Yesterday, my mom, Ashley, and I went to the fair. I have never been to the State Fair and I really wanted to go this year. We did a fair taste test on all kinds of weird stuff, but Wyatt and I liked the corny dog the best (and we didn't share this with anyone... we had our own)! It was fun. We took the Dart tram (or whatever they call it) almost the whole way there. My mom had never been on it. It was very convenient. I could sit on the Dart all day and people watch! However, since I've been pregnant little things that never bothered me now scare me. Like some of the crazies on the bus. I guess it's just the mommy feeling I have. The rides are my favorite part of fairs, and I was sad that I couldn't ride the rides. Not even the big slide... my mom said I was crazy for even asking her if I could go down the big slide. I think that's way safer than driving a car and they let me do that, but whatever. I'll just wait til Wyatt gets big enough to race me down the big slide one day. We did play lots of games though. Ashley and I won little stuffed ducks throwing darts at balloons and my mom won a little Nemo fish playing something else. Then Ashley and I were too lazy to carry the ducks, so we gave them to 2 little girls. Now, of course, we know my mom and she can't go anywhere without thinking Wyatt needs something so he got a gift, too. He now has his first puzzle to play with that is his name.

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