Monday, September 1, 2008

Family Fun

Yesterday, I spent the day at Nana and Papa's making a chocolate pie for Michelle's (my stepmom) birthday. It was fun. I don't bake much and that went to show when I burned the entire side of my arm putting the pie in the oven. haha

Then, my mom, Jerry (my stepdad), Dad, Michelle, Lisa (sister), Jeff, and grandparents all went to my mom and Jerry's for dinner and poker. Yes, ALL my parents were in the same room! haha I love it! We all do things together and are one big family. All our parents just got back from Vegas together, which is why we had a learning poker night. I'm not too good, but it was fun trying to learn.

While they were in Vegas, Baby got a surprise. They all went to see David Copperfield and brought Baby home David Copperfield's stuffed animal duck, Webster. It's cute! Chris and I (and Lisa and Jeff) got a neat crystal cube that has Dad, Michelle, Mom, and Jerry's picture etched into it. You set it on a little light and it lights up. It's really neat! I'm sure Baby will love to look at that when he/she's old enough.

I'm off today for Labor Day. My feet needed the break! Chris is out trying to shoot poor little birds with his buddy and I'm going to get a prenatal massage later today. Can't wait! This is definitely a necessity. :)

Tomorrow is the day! If Baby cooperates we will find out if we're having a boy or girl and we can't hardly wait. Then I can say a name and stop having to find ways around using the "it" word. I try sooo hard not to call Baby an "it," but it gets really hard. I will definitely update!

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