Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Daddy Prepares for Diaper Duty

This is about the cutest, sweetest story ever!

So, I got invited to go out to dinner with some friends and my grandparents tonight for dinner, but Chris and I had tons of stuff to do around the house. He knew I wanted to go so he said he'd get everything done and for me to go to dinner. (Not, even the best part yet.)

On my way home, I called to see how things were coming along. He said he was playing with a pack of newborn diapers that I gave him for Father's Day. I, of course, said what do you mean? He said he was practicing. He wanted me to check it when I got home, because he didn't think it looked right (he thought the holes for the legs were too small). How cute is that?! I know he's excited, but he's even practicing with the diapers and I didn't have to drag him to a class!

When I got home the little bitty baby diaper was in Baby's room all put together. He did do it all perfectly. The holes for the legs were fine, too. Gotta love an excited Daddy! I do!!!

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