Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We have a nursery!

My friend Teresa and I decided to have a little adventure on Saturday while Chris was gone hunting for the weekend. I had planned on painting Wyatt's nursery, but I had no idea what I was doing. Luckily, Teresa just painted her whole house a few weeks ago and she knew what we were doing. So, after I went to her house to get all her leftover supplies that she let me have we went to Lowes to get the paint. I brought something with us so we could do the color match thing that Lowes does. The guy said he couldn't promise the color would be exact, but that it would be close. So, I said "Okay, just don't make it purple or my husband will kill me." We got our paint and came home. Then, we decided to go have dinner at Cotton Patch. When we got home, we got all set to paint. I put a few spots on the wall (thank goodness Teresa said to do this first) and realized that it was a blue-ish purple color. And all I could see was purple! So, we headed back to Lowes for round 2 with several more things that are going in the nursery to match the color to. This time we looked at the little color sample papers and picked out our own color. We got home and by now it was close to 9. The color was perfect! My mom, Morgan, and Ashley came over to "help" paint. Actually, I invited them over to hang out and watch but we recruited them as the Paint Crew. My mom decided that we needed another gallon of paint (and she was right), so Morgan and I rushed to Lowes (round 3 for me) and got the paint before they closed. We had so much fun! Well, I did and I hope they did, too. We painted (with a few little breaks) until 1:30 am. The nursery looks amazing and I love it. I can't wait for Wyatt to see it!

I couldn't wait to show Chris when he got home the next day... he really liked it. Of course, I couldn't wait to set up the crib and dresser. Jeff (Chris' dad) helped him carry the boxes in Sunday night. Then, Chris and I built the crib together. We are pretty darn good at crib building. :) We set the dresser up and pulled out some of Wyatt's bedding (we are still waiting for some of it to come in). The room looks like a nursery! We go in there all the time just to look at it. I'll be posting pictures of what we have so far this week. I was so excited that I called my mom, Jacob, and grandparents at 10 pm on Sunday and had them all come look at it.

Jerry (my stepdad) found out that my mom had gotten the furniture when he was not in town so he decided he wanted to get Wyatt something just from him that he would have for a long time. So, earlier that day Jerry met us at the baby store and bought us a nightstand and the hutch to go on the dresser. They are so pretty. I can't wait to get them, but they won't be here until Nov 28th. And the neat thing about the night stand is that when we put the changing table pad on it, it was a perfect height to use as the changing table. I'm very excited about this!

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Tiffany said...

Does this mean I lost my room? I AM coming back in 9 months remember!!! I want to see some pictures. I'll show you mine if you show me yours! (Pictures that is) You may be preggo and I may be old, but we've still got it!