Friday, July 25, 2014

First Haircut {Kenley}

Just before we went on vacation to the beach last week I decided to get a few inches cut off of my hair to help with tangles. Since it was a last minute thing I had the kids with me. I was talking to my friend and hair girl about Kenley's hair getting tangled really bad and we decided to trim hers up, too. Kenley is super shy so I thought she might be nervous, but she was nothing but super proud to get a turn like Mommy. She walked over to the seat, climbed in, and smiled this big nearly the whole time. 

It doesn't look much different, especially since her hair changes length from day to day based on her curls, but it definitely helped with tangles and her curls. I didn't even get an official "after" picture since I'm sure I got busy with the other 2 while Kenley was enjoying her mini spa day. I love Kenley's sweet curls and hint of strawberry. So sweet.

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