Monday, July 7, 2014

Little Farmers

We have a garden in our backyard this year and the kids have LOVED it. They helped build it, plant it, water it, pick it, and keep it looking good. Eating food from the garden is super exciting and they've been talking lots about where food comes from (that was the point of having a garden so I'm glad).
Lately we've been driving by lots of corn crops and Wyatt talks about them all the time. He asks every time if we can stop and go look at it. Well, one day last week Kenley had to have an emergency potty stop on our way home. When I found a decent place to pull over behind a neighborhood and whip out the little potty in the trunk of my car it happened to be next to a corn field. They asked if they could go look. I let them and I said "don't pick anything," but we all know how that went. They each got an ear of corn and were so proud of their corn. I took the opportunity to talk about how the corn belongs to the farmers and we can't just take their corn and blah blah blah. Wyatt stopped me, looked up, and said "Mommy, I think they have plenty!" So off we went with the 2 pieces of stolen corn.
When we got home I had to take care of Reagan and get her to bed before feeding the big kids. Before I could finish Wyatt brought me the first piece all shucked to tell me there wasn't any bugs on it. I looked at it and said "except for that HUGE caterpillar right there." Ugh!
Eventually, we gave the caterpillar a new home, cooked the corn, buttered it, and they ate every. single. piece. of. corn. on. the. cob.
My friend has since informed me that it's deer/feeder corn and not the corn we eat from the store. I'm not sure. I didn't eat it. I didn't plan to steal it. And I'm hoping they learned about the farmers, the crop, the corn, and we can move our attention back to our backyard veggies.

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