Monday, July 7, 2014

Hope Fellowship VBS 2014

This was Wyatt's 3rd year to attend Vacation Bible School, but the church that we attend starts at incoming Kindergarteners so it was his first time to go to this one. I decided to volunteer this year and that meant the girls got to go, too. Kenley even got to do her own VBS with the early childhood classes. Everything about it was awesome - the stage, the theme, the stations, the kids, the staff, everything. I'm so glad we all got to be a part of such a wonderful week of fun.
The big kids do mixed age groups so Wyatt was with kids of all ages and this made him feel so grown up. Every day I asked him what his favorite part was and every day he said the music (and snack, of course). I was so proud of him because we had to get there by 7:30 since I was working it and then every night he had basketball camp at another church in our area. He was exhausted by the end of the week, but he never complained and he worked so hard all week. VBS with the big kids made him even more excited about moving up from the early childhood area to the elementary kids service at church in August. He will also get to start going on Wednesday nights and we keep hearing how much fun it is. Lots to look forward to, but I still can't believe I'm about to have a school-age child.
Kenley also loved VBS. Every morning in the car she would chant VBS, VBS, VBS with lots of enthusiasm. This girls LOVES school. She calls her church class, school. She had a ton to say on the way to VBS and even more on the ride home, but she preferred to stay pretty quiet when she was actually there. She's definitely our shy one.
Reagan did a great job all week, too. It was the most someone other than family has ever watched her. There was only one day toward the end of the week that they had to get me to help her calm down. She hung out with me and the sweet girls I was working with and giggled and smiled the whole time. She knew she had won!

This was behind the photo op area and Wyatt insisted I take his picture with the cross.

Near impossible to get everyone looking in a picture, especially with curly noodles laying around.

Wyatt is the blurry kid jumping and dancing on the bench with blue shoes.

With his crew, kneeling on the left.
On the last day there were tons of bounce houses for the kids. Most of these pictures came from Wyatt's sweet crew leader who took pictures for me throughout the week.

And the early childhood director snapped some pictures of the littles doing their VBS thing. So sweet. Can you tell these kiddos are tired!?!?

Cute boys making a human pyramid for one of the games. It was HOT outside!

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