Friday, August 22, 2014

Surfside Beach 2014

I can still remember summer vacations my parents took my sister and I on when we were little. I have wonderful memories of the quality time we always had on our vacations. I hope that my kids will cherish family vacations just as much.
This past July we went back to Surfside Beach by Galveston with the Mikulas'. We found the perfect house, named The Snook, to pack in 4 adults and 6 kids! It was right next to the beach, had the cutest little wrap around porch, and was the perfect home away from home for a week.
Here's the view of the house as you walk up from the beach.

The kitchen was fully stocked with appliances (even a dishwasher) and everything we needed to cook.

My pictures aren't in order very well, but we spent the whole week having fun, playing, relaxing, and hanging out with friends and family. Most days we'd get up, make breakfast and pack for the beach, go to the beach for several hours, come home for lunch and naps (adults, too!), then we'd have an early dinner, go back to the beach, and then have smores and more fun before putting the kids to bed, and then the adults would hang out and have game night. It was perfect! Oh and we took about a million showers throughout the week! Sandy beaches are MESSY, but we got pretty good about rotating kids in and out of the shower.

Reagan LOVED the beach and the sand. This was her first time and luckily she got better about not eating the sand.

We played hard on the beach all week - football, sand castles, boogy boarding, fishing, wave jumping, Frisbee...

The kids hung in there like champs even though it was tiring having this much fun.

Kenley, probably coming to ask for help getting sand off her hands or out of her eyes.

The kids played so well together all week. We brought crafts, games, and toys and they had the most fun creating things with this construction paper. How did all these kiddos get so grown up so fast?!

One afternoon we went to Galveston to ride the ferry and look at dolphins and have lunch at The Spot. We saw TONS of dolphins! It was so neat!

The kids think it's so neat that we got to drive the car onto a boat and they were great dolphin-spotters.
These sweet boys became best friends at 6 months old in their daycare classroom. The teachers told Mackenzie and I how much these 2 loved each other all the time. Mackenzie ended up writing me a note introducing herself (we dropped off/picked up at different times and hadn't even met each other). Now they are about to start kindergarten, we've got more babies, and we are all so grateful for the friendship these guys started up.
The sisters have become besties, too!

Reagan was my sand castle building buddy. She would play with the sand for hours. She finally started crawling on the trip (at about 11 months old!) but was still not crawling too much so she stayed pretty close.

Sweet sisters.

Being silly.

On our last night we decided not to cook and we went to a little family owned restaurant on the beach. Then we were told we might see dolphins at this spot at the end of the beach, but we didn't see any.

We did manage to get a group shot of the kiddos - crazy hair and all (remember, we took 10 showers a day and this is the last day and so crazy hair it was).
Aidan, Wyatt, Kenley, Reagan, Taylor, and Avery

This was one of the dolphins we got on camera while riding the ferry.

We ended up going to the crabbing pier to catch crabs 2 nights because it was so much fun. The adults had just as much fun as the kids, if not more. Chris and Jonathan didn't have much luck fishing on the shore throughout the week so at least the were able to get something to bite.

Kenley has a crush.
More crabs. Some of them were really big. The bigger they were, the smarter they were.
Wyatt slept in the kid room that had 2 sets of bunk beds and we told him that we were going to see if he was ready for real sleepovers. He had to go to sleep and not play all night. He did awesome!
Kenley slept in our bed and she is a mover. She was all over the place. We NEVER let our kids in our bed, except for trips and stuff, so Kenley thought she was super special. And after a week of this getting her back to her bed was way fun... not!
And Reagan slept in the bathroom. Poor number 3. We had a pretty big bathroom in our room so we set up the pack in play in there, turned on the fan for some background noise, and she slept like a rockstar. Pretty amazing for the baby I had to sleep train using cry-it-out (yes, I'll admit now it was worth it).

Lunch at The Spot. We ate here the last time we went to the beach and decided to go back.

Hanging out on the porch.

We caught lots of little critters (I love to catch things, as long as it's not a spider!). Here's my first catch the first night - a teeny little crab.

The crabbing pier was missing some boards, which made it perfect for sitting and crabbing right in front of us. Not a cute picture, but here's a crabbing action pic. Haha. It was HOT and humid.

Reagan chilled in the stroller while we crabbed. We decided to keep her away from the salmonella we feared was being flung around by children using raw chicken to catch crabs.

I'm so glad we got to go back to the beach this year. It was the perfect week spent with our family. The kids enjoyed having Chris around all day. We all enjoyed spending time together. I'm looking forward to the many more family vacations in the future.

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