Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kenley did it?!

A few weeks ago Wyatt told his first lie. My heart broke a little. Up until this day he always told the truth so I could ask him what happened and no matter what he had done he just told me the whole story. I knew the time would come, especially since he's 4 now and I know that it's a part of development, but I really hoped my sweet Wyatt would bypass that development. Since my 2 biggest no-no's (ask any student I've ever taught) are lying and cheating I am determined to nip this habit as quick as I can. So any time he tells a lie, he loses TV for the entire day or next day. He loves TV (which is limited to begin with) and it makes him so sad to lose it. He repeatedly tells me how he won't lie and how lying is bad and has great conversations about it. Unfortunately, he's not always so good at remembering this as he's telling the lie. We are working on it though.

So, of course I have to document the first lie. Kenley can't play upstairs alone, but Wyatt can (even though he rarely does, which is why there continues to be so many toys downstairs). Kenley crawled upstairs and I was about a minute behind her. When I got up there, this is what I saw (look closely at every. single. cheerio. that came out of the family size cheerio box).

She looks pretty guilty sitting right in the middle of this disaster, doesn't she? Wyatt was adamant that "Kenley did it." And I asked a million times. Since Wyatt had never lied I was sort of believing his story and still curious how she managed to get such a good radius of cheerios in such a short time and have a path where that car in the top left of the picture had been driving through the cheerios. Hmmm.... Well, investigator Mommy put Wyatt in the interrogation room and came out with the truth (I watch enough of these shows, they ALWAYS end up telling the truth). And so we had it, his first lie and first grounding from TV. It was a sad day, but hopefully we can accept the developmental milestone, correct it, and he will be an honest little guy through all the rest of his milestones.

Update: Today was not the day that the lying stopped. Maybe tomorrow?!

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