Monday, February 25, 2013

Way to Go, Wyatt!

When I saw these little car behavior charts I got them right away, because I knew Wyatt would be so excited to put all the little piston cups on it. I usually try to make the charts pretty simple - mostly so that I can keep up with it. So Chris and I chose one thing for Wyatt to work on (as far as to fill up the chart), which was picking up his toys after playing. He loved it! He can clean up FAST when he wants to, who knew?! The whole time he was working on this he planned on getting Gak (some sticky, slimy goopy stuff in the play-doh aisle).

The day that the chart got completed he was super pumped to go to Target to get the Gak. He told everyone about it that day. We were going to run to Target after dinner. When we got to dinner on a Friday night it was packed and the wait was an hour so I thought it would be a perfect time for Chris and Kenley to wait and Wyatt and I to run to Target. ;)

As soon as we got in the car he was telling me that "Grammy said Gak is gross and he wanted Cars cars instead." And sure enough when we got to the store his mind was made up that he needed cars. Grammy and my friend, Ashley, were meeting us for dinner and I texted Grammy as we were checking out with a $35 set of cars (Gak is $6). I think this face made it worth it though...

All through the store to checkout he was making little "yippee" noises and squeals - he was so excited.

He was "reading" the names of the cars on the back of the box.

And when we got back to the restaurant we still had to wait a little while, which was just enough time for me to untie each of the 7 cars out of the box. And it worked out well because we were having crawfish and that always takes long so Wyatt and Kenley played cars. Now that we had been at the restaurant for so long Wyatt had seen at least 4 birthdays and the treat they got and he decided he needed one, too. So, here he is eating his brownie sundae that was HUGE. I think he gets most excited about the whipped cream.

And Kenley wasn't about to just watch. She lets you know when she wants something and she didn't let any bit go to waste. This picture cracks me up.

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