Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Ickies

We had a yucky virus run through our whole family last week. First, it was the girls, then it was the boys. On top of throwing up and feeling miserable sweet Kenley also got double ear infections. Her first ear infection(s). And I'm glad it's gone! We are all better now and getting back to normal. That always takes awhile after being sick because we watch a lot of TV and Wyatt just seems to act up more and then want to watch TV all the time. This boy loves TV! But I sure was grateful for the TV and for Daddy who took care of us and even stayed home from work one day to take care of me... until he got sick (and then still had to work).

Our pediatrician office now has an adult doctor there and it is sooo nice. We were able to all go at once, Daddy took Kenley over to the kids side and Mommy and Wyatt (who wasn't sick yet) went over to the adult side to see Dr. Wilson. She's great. While I was chatting with the doctor she had given Wyatt some paper and a pencil. He drew me.

My hair probably did look something like this...

For Dr. Wyatt's diagnosis drawing he gave me spots (I didn't really have spots, but this kid has quite the imagination).

One night Daddy and Wyatt ran to the store to get something and Wyatt came home with this flower for me. He said it needed water and put it in this cup with water.

And we spent lots of time in bed. Have I mentioned how amazing these little water pen "painting" books are?! Melissa and Doug makes some at Target and our original ones came from Kohls but I can't remember the brand. We have 3 of them now. Both kids love them!

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