Monday, October 15, 2012

Fair Day

On Friday the kids and I went to the fair with my mom, sister, Peyton (my niece), and Ashley. I love going to the fair. I missed it last year because I was on bed rest. I'm not sure what everyone's favorite part of the fair is but my "to do" list includes trying some fried stuff (this year it was a Fletcher's corny dog, oreo, and red velvet cupcake), the petting zoo, and the big slide. We do other stuff, but that's what I look forward to every year.

Ashley, Kenley, and I parked farther away from the entrance than everyone else (of course, Wyatt rode with Grammy) so we got to ride the little train to the gate. Kenley thought it was fun. She was super excited for her 1st trip to the fair.

The entrance we went in had tractors. These things are HUGE. I knew they were big and I see them all the time, but I had no idea how big they are til I was standing next to them. Wyatt loved climbing on all of them.


It's official - she likes the fair. 

I'm not a fan of the games. But my mom and sister love them. I like playing, too. I just think it's such a waste of money and I could take it or leave it. Lucky for Wyatt we always play games because they love them. Our first one was a horse race and you had to roll the balls in the holes to get the horses to move. I won. :) Wyatt thought he did and he chose a big Alex the Lion. He was so proud.I'm pretty sure this game was $5 to play and we all played... as I was saying such a waste of money. However, this face sure is priceless. 

More games. My mom's favorite (the water shooting game). We don't mess around when it comes to winning either. Here's Aunt Lisa, Grammy, and Wyatt. Aunt Lisa won.

Peyton got tired of the games, too.

Kenley felt special riding with Alex the Lion.

Wyatt played the pop the balloons game and got 2 out of 5! 

I told you Aunt Lisa LOVES the games and she even made let Peyton play.  

Another priceless (probably another $5) face.

We went on Friday of Texas/OU weekend so the big trucks were parked outside the coliseum. Here's Wyatt sitting on the OU truck with his Tech Gun's Up. :)


We also rode several rides. Wyatt's favorite was a car ride that went around in circles, but on the corners of the track it whipped around faster and he would have rode it a million times. I am so glad he likes to rides all the rides.

And the highlight of my day (and I'm pretty Wyatt's, too) was the big slide. When I was growing up we had season passes to an amusement park in Grand Island, New York. We went all the time and 2 of my favorite memories were riding the big slide over and over again and riding in a carriage that went around a princess castle that had a water mote around it (my mom told us that there were crocodiles in the water). I think this is why I love the big slide at the fair so much. I hope Wyatt has memories like mine.

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