Thursday, July 5, 2012

Special Delivery {4th of July}

Chris's stepdad, Mike, is an Army pilot and on the 4th of July he had a training flight that allowed him to come see us. Wyatt was sooooo excited to see Big Daddy and his airplane. He was in little boy paradise as soon as we got to the airport and saw all the planes. We even got to get in Big Daddy's plane. How cool is that?! We took so many pictures and were so excited that we kept joking that we all had never seen a plane before. But, seriously, we had a plane that had come to see us and we were going to play in it and get lots of pictures.

There's Big Daddy getting about to come see us all. This was his first time to meet Kenely and Tripp.

Posing with the plane

Chris's mom, Sue and Wyatt pretending we are all famous on our own airplane

Bid Daddy's seat

Kenley and cousin Tripp checking it out and way too busy to pose

Daddy and Kenley

Mommy and Kenley

Chris's sisters, Maddie and Kenzie with Wyatt (I remember when these girls were babies and now they are almost teenagers!)

Kenley with our very own pilot

The boys watching other planes land and take off. Wyatt was hoping he'd get to fly. Not today.

After all the picture taking we had a 4th of July lunch at Uncle Julio's. It was fun hanging out and getting to have everyone together. We wish Bunny, Big Daddy, Aunt Kenzie, and Aunt Maddie lived closer. Maybe one day.

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