Friday, January 20, 2012


I'm hoping we will look back and laugh at this one day. Our sweet boy has been acting up quite a bit lately and having a very hard time listening. Yes, it would be the teacher's child that's acting up, right?! There have been a lot of changes for him in the last few months and I'm sure that plays a large part... well, and that he's 3. We've been working hard with him to get him to listen and get back on track.

Friday, was an especially tough day of listening and Wyatt was not staying on his time out mat, which he thought was really funny. So I kept taking up toys until he decided to stay put for the timeout. First was the Thomas trains, then the tracks, then the box of cars, then the rocket ship... :( We called Daddy and told him what was going on and told him to give Santa a call. And we set the toys on the porch.

While we were in the middle of reading a book the doorbell rang. No one was there, but look what we found...

We read the note together and we've been talking about it a lot. I sure hope Wyatt will start listening so he can get his favorite toys back.

And I know posting this there will be people thinking we are too tough on him and others thinking we should just spank him and get his attention. So here's what I'll say:
1. He was not traumatized by losing his toys. He's working (I hope) to get them back. He cried for a bit and then played with other toys, but sure doesn't want to lose any more.
2. I'm not necessarily opposed to a spanking and not necessarily a fan of them. We've tried them and he thinks it's a game and it makes our problem worse.
3. As a teacher, I learned all kids are different and you have to find what works for each kiddo so here's trying to find what works for him. Wish us luck and tell me if you have the answers.

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Nancy Jennings said...

Way to go mamma!! Wyatt is sure blessed to have you guys as parents & Elfie as such an understanding elf!!