Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bunny, Aunt Maddie and Aunt Kenzie Visit

Chris' mom and sisters came in from North Carolina for the long weekend to visit. We had so much fun. They got in Thursday evening and stayed at Jessie and Gene's house. Friday night we went over to Jessie and Gene's to hang out with everyone. Then Saturday morning everyone met us at Lowe's Build and Grow to watch Wyatt build a castle. Saturday night was game night and our night to have Bunny and the girls at our house. It was fun all being together.

Uncle Gene, Aunt Jessie (Chris' sister), Baby Tripp, Chris, Aunt Maddie (Chris' sister), Bunny/Sue (Chris' mom), Kenley, Wyatt, and Aunt Kenzie (Chris' sister)

Teaching Kenley early because this family doesn't mess around when it comes to games. ;)

Sweet girls. We celebrated birthdays (the girls and Chris have the same birthday, Feb 2nd, just 17 years apart).

I was taking pictures and I tried to get Chris to get in a picture with me and this is the best I could get. He was on a stool and I was sitting on the floor.

We all hung out Sunday and then snapped some pictures before everyone left.

Can't wait til Summer when they get to come back!

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