Monday, May 3, 2010


I'm sure you've noticed, but I have to mention... my new pretty blog! I'm so excited that it is all finished. I've been on the Pink Armchair Designs waiting list and it was my turn. Jenny is so talented.

I just had this post completely typed out and then the computer decided to delete everything and save it after it had deleted it so here goes round 2. The good news is now you get the modified version.

It's been a crazy chaotic week. Thursday we closed on our house, that night we went everywhere looking for the perfect refrigerator (we found one we love), Friday I took off to start packing and moving, and we worked non-stop all weekend to get as much done as we possibly could. We were so excited that we spent our first night in the new house Friday (we had planned on waiting until Sunday). The dogs got to spend their first night here Saturday. They love their new home, too! We owe a big thank you to Grammy for playing with Wyatt all weekend, and a huge thank you to Grandma Michelle for all the packing, unpacking, and organizing that she did, and of course all our friends that helped and hung out with us. Poor Wyatt was sick all weekend. We went to the doctor on Saturday and he had something viral and a million teeth coming in. He's been hurting and grumpy and that just not like him at all. He was sad to have to miss his friends' birthday parties this weekend, but we didn't want to get anyone sick.

I have to give Chris alot of credit, too. He has been setting up all the utilities and making all those calls. We had Dish set up Saturday morning (priorities, duh!), internet/phone and the blinds guy came today. And Chris let the refrigerator man in today so that could be set up.

Today was also my first day at my new campus. I'll be teacing high school biology next year. I'll go back to my current job tomorrow, but each year around this time we have a day where we set goals and start thinking about the next year and you go with the job you will have. Everyone was so welcoming and I am looking forward to working with them. I love the school, too. If you know me well, you probably know that I don'tusually like change. It's completely out of my comfort zone. I'm not sure what got into me making me want to try new things but I'm embracing it all and I'm so excited.

I've had the worst headache all day thanks to all this pollen in the air. So, I'm back to bed, but I wanted to update you on all the new things going on. And I wanted to see the signature that Jenny made for my posts. ;)



Nancy Jennings said...

Your site looks awesome! I know you are so proud! We were sad to miss you guys this week, sure hope Wyatt is feeling better now!

Mix and Match Mama said...

I love the blog design!!! Jenny did a great job!! Now, I want to see pictures of your new house :).

Sue said...

Sorry he was sick...poor guy.
Love the popper, a little A personality trait going on, wait till he gets a big wheel.....he's daddy loved loved loved it!
Congrats on the new teaching job, so proud of you.
Yea to the new house, frig, Dish and an awesome Grammy, Grandma Michelle and friends to all help you out.
And, your blog site is SUPER!
Love ya, miss ya, xox Bunny