Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nap Time Big Boy and the Popper

Wyatt gets a note to bring home every day from school. Today his teachers wrote "after lunch Wyatt went to his mat, laid down, and went to sleep ALL BY HIMSELF." I think this means he was having so much fun he wore himself out. I love that he has fun and that he's used to the school schedule. Even though I can't wait til Summer so we can hang out all day every day.

Okay, the popper... My mom got Wyatt a little toy that he can push or pull and it makes the little balls inside pop around (we all had one and we never knew how loud they were). Well, this has become his absolute favorite toy. When he wakes up he finds it, when we get home he finds it, before bed he wants to bring it (no, we don't put it in the bed... yet). It even rides in the car with us. I've been sending her pictures of him with it so she will believe me how much he loves it. I was talking to my mom when we got home and within 1 minute of getting in the door you could here the pop, pop, pop, pop. I've got to see if I know how to get pictures from my phone on here.
Finally, I was able to get my picture on here and now blogger won't let me put it where I want it. I'll have to figure that out, but at least you can see the picture. Thanks for visiting our blog.

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