Monday, May 10, 2010

Wyatt's Big Day...

Today was Wyatt's big day. He got tubes in his ears and we are so proud of how well he did. And very thankful for the wonderful doctor, nurses, and staff that took care of him today. We went to the new Methodist hospital in McKinney and everyone was fantastic. Of course, I snapped pictures for the blog.

Here is Wyatt in the lobby while we were checking in.

After he got a suited up in the stylish hospital gown. He was such a good boy while waiting. We played and played.
He got lots of bracelets.

Then they brought him 3 teddy bears to choose from and this is the one he picked. It had a note on it from the doctor that said "Get Well Very Soon."

It was taking a while so we started to color. Then, of course, they came to get Wyatt and he wasn't quite finished coloring. So, off they took him with crayons in tow. He was happy and didn't even cry (once he got to take his crayons). Mommy and Daddy went to the waiting room for about 5 minutes. Then the doctor came to talk to us and tell us everything went great. Then we went back to hold our baby.

We missed a few pictures because he was so confused and sad. After about 10 minutes we got him to stop crying with these graham crackers. Then they walked us out to the car and here's our little trooper. He looks so sleepy. (Notice the popper that HAD to come with us in the car this morning.)

We came home and had lunch and then went for a nap. Daddy went to work for a bit then came home and I went to work for the rest of the day. Our friends Chancy and Cooper came over for dinner and to play. Wyatt was happy to get to play with Cooper. She always make him feel better. Mommy, Daddy, and Wyatt played outside and then it was bedtime. We called this Wyatt's special day, but I think he's ready for a plain old day tomorrow. We are very thankful everything turned out so well and are looking forward to no more ear infections!


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