Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Pap and Grammy

Chris's dad and my mom have the same birthday, May 20th, so we've had a birthday filled few days. Thursday night we went to Pap and Lori's to grill out with family.

Shootin' hoops with Pap and Daddy. Wyatt would do this for hours!
Look what Wyatt's looking at!

Oh, my...

And then, of course he needed some milk...

Saturday night we celebrated Grammy's birthday. I didn't get too many pictures, but here are a few.

After dinner, Wyatt and I played outside and made this for Grammy. If you look closely you can see Wyatt's artwork over mine.

Then we decided to play in the water.

Here is how the night ended. See my mom's new kitten. Chris says he hates cats. Can you tell?!

Happy Birthday Pap and Grammy! We love you very much.


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