Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Videos of Wyatt

This is Chris - Since there hasn't been a post here since early January of this year and the post previous to that was in mid January of last year I figured I would jump in here and share some videos of our little man from the last couple of months. Friends and family if you would like a copy of a video to save shoot me an email and I will be happy to forward you a copy.

This video is just a short clip of Wyatt - he is such a cute kid and hard to beleive that he looks so much more grown up than he looks in this video.

This video is of Wyatt crawling. I had picked Wyatt up from daycare that day and ran home to grab a snack before meeting up with AmyJo - I had set Wyatt down by his toys and went to grab something out of the fridge and when I looked back to check on Wyatt he was gone, well panic set in since my non mobile son was not where I had last left him - as I walked out of the kitchen I see him under his high chair stairing up at me smiling. So, my little man was now a crawler! I put him back in the same spot I had before and whipped out the Flip video camera (these things are great if you have kids!) and proceeded to record his second crawl while calling Mommy and telling her the exciting news. I feel lucky that I was there to witness his crawling - sure I missed the "first" crawl, but I saw the second and got it on video and means alot to me.

I forgot to mention that he started to crawl 1 hour and 19 minutes prior to being officially 6 months old.

The next video is from a little later in the month of September when we were out to eat at Souper Salad - there is a bit of everything in this video - flying mucus, baby talk and a creepy old lady staring at us, enjoy!

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