Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Visit to the Place It All Began...

I haven't written on this blog in FOREVER. Almost a year! I have some friends that have amazing blogs and I've been insprired to get mine going again. I didn't plan on doing it today, but what do you do when your status is too long to post on facebook. :)

Wyatt has had a little bit of a runny nose since I got out for Christmas break. I called the doctor and we started the breathing treatments up... no big deal. It got better. Around New Year's Eve his nose was a little more runny, but he was acting fine otherwise. So, we started the breathing treatments again. Yesterday, January 2 his nose was very runny and he was fussy. Wyatt is NEVER fussy so I thought he had an ear infection.

I took him to A-Cute-Kids Urgent Care, which is just the after hours place we go to (we LOVE LOVE LOVE them). Wyatt has had about 3 ear infections and he wasn't acting too different so I walked in thinking I knew what was wrong and we were going to get antibiotics and be on our way. By the urgency of the doctor I soon realized I was wrong. Wyatt wasn't breathing well... they said he was breathing really fast. The doctor gave him a breathing treatment, then did a chest x-ray, and then another breathing treatment. They diagnosed him with pnemonia. I felt like a horrible Mommy because I had no idea. I knew something was wrong and that's why we were there but never imagined it was that bad. Of course, anyone watching my little baby doing "touchdown," laughing, and playing catch while he did the breathing treatments probably wouldn't have known either.

They called our doctor (Dr. Cook from Raintree who we love!) and decided that we would be going to Allen Presby, which is where Wyatt was born. They also decided Wyatt would take an ambulance so they could monitor him and we wouldn't have to sit in the waiting room unmonitored for hours. Well worth whatever this fancy ride will cost. The paramedics got there and we were loaded up and ready to go. I will post a picture later so you will believe me that Wyatt had no idea he was sick. He had his Red Raider jersey on and was ready for the game. He thought we were going to the game in a fancy ride. :)

I forgot to mention that we called Daddy when I figured out things were worse than I thought and he was there FAST. I think I definitely have surprised people... I'm not as paranoid and uptight with Wyatt as people would have thought and when it comes to things like this Mommy is much more calm than Daddy. Chris does amazing, but the look in his face is not quite the Marine-tough and calm that I normally see. And don't get me wrong, I was scared, too. If you know us really well I bet you know what I'm talking about.

When we got to the ER we got a room very quickly. They were much calmer than A-Cute-Kids appeared to be. I imagine they see much worse and Wyatt was playing with them and laughing like he does. He was playing his "throw my toys on the floor game" and the nurses and doctors would pick them up. All of his grandparents have encouraged this game bc they will play for hours. Wyatt knows Mommy and Daddy don't play this game. 3 strikes and the toys stay down. :)

We did lots of breathing treatments. Wyatt does so well with these. He enjoys a "circus show" while waiting for the treatment. I can deliver a good show and when I got tired of it there were plenty of other performers.

Then it was time for the IV for antibiotics and blood draws (because I was right, he did have an ear infection). I imagined the worst... I know those hurt and how could they possibly put this in our sweet little boy and better yet how are they going to get him to keep it in. This is where Daddy had to walk away (actually he ended up coming closer and closer and eventually was right by Wyatt's side). The nicest 2 nurses came in and did Wyatt's IV. He barely cried at all! They held his arm down, tied the thingy on, and everything and the only LITTLE cry he had was the poke. And he stopped as soon as he got a toy. We have the bravest little boy! They put a thing on his arm to keep it straight and keep it covered a little. It doesn't phase him except that it's impossible to get a cheerio to his mouth with that hand. We played and watched the Tech game and finally were admitted for a day or 2... still not sure.

So here we are where it all began and they brought in a wheelchair like they did when we took our precious 7 pound baby boy home. We sat in the wheelchair (our now 22 pound baby boy) and they brought us to our room. It's really nice... has a hospital bed, a pull out couch bed, and a crib (cage). We watched the rest of the game, played some more, and tried to get Wyatt to sleep. Things got worse before they got better.

Late last night his temp went up quite a bit, he was shaky from all the treatments (which is normal), and he was not happy. I could tell then that he was sick. I got really scared for awhile. Chris held Wyatt for hours trying to get him to go to sleep. The temp went down, but he wasn't happy. Oh and they gave him oxygen so he had to put the little thing in his nose. He hates that! I went to sleep and woke up several times this morning to see a sound asleep baby and Daddy. Good job Daddy!

The nurse just came in to do another breathing treatment and Wyatt woke up this time. It's about 11:15. I fed him applesauce and now Chris is up feeding him cheerios. He looks tired and is still shaky from meds, but the temp is down and he doesn't need the oxygen anymore.

We are very thankful that things are getting better and are praying they continue. More updates to come.


Anonymous said...

I am glad Wyatt is OK... I had a similar scare on Mother's day with Devyn. I will send you a pick... Keep us posted on his progress. We love you all.


Mix and Match Mama said...

Oh my gosh! We'll be praying for you guys!!! We see Dr. Cook too...he's fabulous! I know Wyatt is in great hands. Keep us posted!!

Grammy said...

Great job mom and dad. You're awesome parents. You both sure know how to make a mom proud! Wyatt is one lucky little boy.