Monday, April 26, 2010

Fun Night

Tonight was a fun night. When I picked Wyatt up from school he was so excited. He ran over and gave me a huge hug like he always does. He was pointing at things to show me in the room. I'm not really sure what but he had lots to say about it. He can say a few words - bye-bye, ball (kind of), dada. He tells stories right now and I'm not quite sure what he's saying but it's the cutest thing ever. Then we went for a jog. I'm still trying to get back into running again. It was so pretty out. Wyatt ate his snack and just hung out while he rode. He loves being outside and loves going for walks and jogs.

During bath time Wyatt was being a big boy. He grabbed a wash cloth in one hand and his foot in the other and was washing his foot. Is that not the cutest thing ever?! Sometimes it amazes me what he will do. He can't even say mama yet (yes, that makes me sad and we are working on it), but he can wash his feet and brush his teeth.

After bath time I tried another attempt at play dough. It was a success! We played play dough together. I've been waiting for this because I love play dough and I remember playing with it all the time with my mom and sister. He even knew how to roll it. I think his teachers at school taught him. It's adorable. Of course, Chris videoed it so we will get it up for everyone to see. I love special memories like these.

All this fun wore Wyatt out and bedtime was soon after.

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Sue said...

You describe it all so well, I can picture him running to you, and washing his y'all and miss you. xox Bunny