Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School

School has started and I'm glad to be back! I love having a schedule and now that I'm not sick anymore things have been great. I am tired, but I've been getting plenty of sleep. The only thing that's killing me are me darn shoes!!! My feet have been soooo sore and swollen (yuck!).

I love my new kiddos and I love the people I'm working with. I told my kids that I'll be having a baby in January and they were excited. They want to know how long I'll be gone and if I'll come back. I've been sad that I'll have to leave Baby and go back to work, but I also know that my school kiddos wanted to make sure that I'd be back before the end of the year. That made me feel good, even though I'll be really sad.

This is going to be a great year and I'm excited!

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Chancy Smith said...

Ya, I swelled pretty quick. I just finally gave up on the fashion at my feet and started to wear running shoes. I had to go buy insoles from one of the outlet stores in Allen. I felt much better after that! Oh, and Crocs are your best friend!