Wednesday, June 4, 2014

8 Months {Reagan}

(It was getting well past 8 months when I decided to throw the 8 month sticker in my bag and try and get a picture on the run. Reagan wasn't really into taking pictures this day so this was the best I got.)

At 8 months Reagan...
Is completely content sitting up and rolling from place to place and has no interest in crawling.
Still has no teeth and very little hair, but lots and lots of smiles and energy.
Is sleeping like a champ through the night and for naps.
Loves to eat. She is still breastfed and eating baby food, big people food, cheerios, and tries to steal brother and sister's food all the time.
Has a reach of 5 times what you would think it is. This girl can grab anything. She's ready for the WNBA.
Talks some baby talk and babbles on and on.
Still thinks her brother and sister are hilarious until they bump in to her.
Is super sensitive... and dramatic. :) If anyone bumps into her, another baby grabs her, or probably even looks at her the wrong way she will cry the most drama-filled cry you've ever seen. It doesn't last long, and it's so funny to watch. And so not typical of a 3rd child.
Loves playing in water, snacks, being held, being rocked before bed, holding her own drink (usually prune juice and water), her toys, and her family.  

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