Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Last Day of Pre-K {Wyatt}

We have been so blessed to have found out about Promiseland Preschool from our friends 2 years ago. Wyatt absolutely loved everyone there. They prepared him for elementary school and gave him a wonderful Christian foundation to carry with him to public school. I will truly miss going there... until the year after next when Kenley will start. Spending the afternoons sitting in the grass with my friends watching the kids play on the awesome playground they have will always be some of my best memories. Wyatt loved hanging out with his friends after school. And Kenley has been fearlessly climbing the super tall climbing structure since before she could walk. Okay, so not quite but seriously this girl started climbing that thing super young and I remember standing under her ready to catch her if she slipped and 50% unsure if me standing there was going to do any good if she did slip.

Even though I'm sad to come to the end of this chapter with Wyatt, I am so excited for what's to come and feel confident that he's ready. We are so fortunate to have wonderful schools all around us and an exceptional church home so I know next year will be just as great.

The last day of Pre-K was an extra special day full of fun, games, and even a bounce house obstacle course. I was "working" the bounce house station and classes rotated throughout different areas so I saw Wyatt during his class's turn in the bounce house and luckily a sweet friend got plenty of pictures of Wyatt throughout the day.

He and Aidan caught the same fish!

See those blurry feet? That's because these kids come flying through the end of the obstacle course that has no bumper and sprint around to do it again. My job was to "catch" kids at the end and it cracked me up all morning. They would look like the weren't going to stop (well, because they weren't) so I'd get in front of them to catch them and they would pretty much do whatever to get around me - dart to the side, try to leap over me, whatever they could. Basically, they had this down and I was just in their way. 

Sack races

And then back in the room we had a pizza party and the teachers passed out awards.

That precious girl in the back is who Wyatt says he's going to marry. Her mom and I laugh because that would be one crazy household. She might even have more energy and spunk than Wyatt, if you can imagine that! 

Posing with Mrs. Christy. She and Mrs. Martin gave Wyatt the "Whoppers Award" for always telling great, elaborate stories. This boy can talk for hours! He always told them about hunting and Daddy's hunting trips. I'm sure they learned more this year than they ever needed to know about hunting. 

Wyatt, we are so so so proud of you. Your kind heart, fun filled spirit, and enthusiasm for life and learning make us smile every single day. You are such a hard worker. You want to know more and more and then teach others what you know. I can only imagine all the places you will go and things you will do. You are such an adventurous, creative, and curious boy who melts our hearts. You can be stubborn and a limit-pusher, but we know that God gave you these characteristics to do great things with one day. We wouldn't change a thing about you. We love you!

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