Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Precious Moments

I've got several "occasions" to post since I'm way behind, but before I get caught up with all of that (and figure out why my phone app for posting easily isn't working) here are a few random pictures of pure cuteness (just ignore me post workout).
Look at this sweet, happy baby. She loves stroller strides and she's extra happy because she just ate something. Stroller strides is from 9:30-10:30 and every day I have a little 10:30 alarm reminding me that she would like her food. 

Nothing makes my heart happier than watching Wyatt love his sisters. He wanted to tuck Kenley in with me.

Big smiles and giggles.

She's getting so big. She loves to swing!

The place that we work out at on Tuesdays and Thursdays has a few ponds and a creek. We found these brand new ducklings and now Kenley is obsessed. I'm pretty sure she would let me park the stroller by them all day and she would sit and watch them. We look for them every week. That's 13 ducklings!

Another day we found the ducks in the big pond.

Aunt Sarah had a band concert that she invited us to. We were all going to go, but the girls were cranky and fussy and so we decided to make it a Mommy and Wyatt date night. He loved watching Aunt Sarah and all the big kids playing the instruments.

After the concert my date and I went to a frozen yogurt place. We hung out, chatted, and watched some of the movie that was playing in the yogurt shop before heading home. When we got home, the girls were already in bed which made Wyatt feel extra special that he got to stay up past bedtime. Although, before he knew they were sleeping he asked if we could bring some home for Kenley. He's always taking care of his sisters.

I LOVE ruffle pants and matching outfits! I know it's silly, but I only have a short time to dress them in ruffles and matching clothes and so I'm going to do it while I can. My mom did it to my sister and I and I'll do it to my girls.

I love this awful picture. Kenley has a messy ponytail from nap and no pants, the sun is glaring on the carpet, Wyatt's laundry is on the steps, but look at these precious babies sitting together and playing. I love it.
It's already warm enough for this crew to head to water. These kids (even Reagan) love water. Any form of water, any state of water... they want to play with it, in it, near it... whatever they can get away with. On this day we went to the splash pad/fountains to play and have a picnic. Chris met us for lunch, too. It was a great beginning to summer.

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