Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

Wyatt and Kenley were super into Halloween this year. They loved looking at decorations as we drove through neighborhoods, practiced dressing up as all sorts of things all month long, and asked every single night if the next day was Halloween. Wyatt was VERY into carving pumpkins and was teamed up with Daddy. Together they cut, cleaned, drew a face, and made a very good looking jack-o-lantern with triangle eyes, nose, and a crooked smile with teeth. Kenley was VERY into WATCHING her teammate, Mommy, do the dirty work. She would not touch any of the messy stuff. Not even a seed. But she was very proud of our jack-o-lantern with triangle eyes and nose and a straight smile with teeth.

Wyatt changed his mind every day about what he wanted to be for Halloween, but settled on a Texas Tech football player (as I had planned). Chris got him special football player black stripes for under his eyes and that made his costume even more exciting. Kenley was a Texas Tech cheerleader in the cutest outfit ever that I scored on a facebook site from a lady that had handmade it.

We tried to get them to pose and all they wanted to do was go get candy!

So we did...

Cousin Peyton was the cutest bumble bee ever. She was also way too busy with candy to pose for me to take pictures. 

My mom makes chili every year and after we eat she gets her spot all set up on her front lawn to pass out treats (this year they did balls and slinkies). Here's Papa hanging out with the neighbors passing out candy. 

And after the kids made their rounds trick or treating, checked out their loot, and ate as much candy as we would let them, they were pooped. They ended the night watching a movie.

We dressed up the day before for Stroller Strides and I got this super cute picture of Kenley as Snow White. Wyatt was a fireman that day and he wore a construction worker vest with a fireman hat. 

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