Monday, May 6, 2013

It's a....

GIRL!!! We are going to have 1 big brother and 2 girls. Kenley doesn't understand what's going on, but Wyatt has been convinced that it was a girl all along. He's told us several times that he would not be happy if it was a boy. Why you might wonder, wouldn't he want a brother? Well, it all started with the Disney movie Tangled when he saw the cute baby Rapunzle in her crib. He LOVES her! And he wants a baby just like her. I've asked him if Kenley is like her and he says she was but she keeps growing up. :)

I went to the sono appointment with Chris, my mom, and Kenley after I dropped Wyatt off at school. When I picked him up I had a box of pink cookies for him to open and we did that at Chris' office. I videoed him opening, but I can't seem to figure out getting videos on here (and I give up for today). It was super cute and very sweet, but he was more excited about the cookies and he wasn't as surprised because he was already convinced and it wasn't really news to him. Kids are so funny!

I never have any idea what I'm having but Chris just lost his 100% streak. :) He even had me convinced this was a boy because of how sick I have been, which is more similar to my pregnancy with Wyatt than Kenley. Either way our prayers have been for a healthy baby and we are so excited. Chris is overjoyed to have 2 Daddy's girls.

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Mix and Match Mama said...

Congratulations!!!! Does she have a name??? I'm so excited for your family!