Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Kenley's pinching me!"

Look at these sweet sweet kids. They look completely innocent, don't they? Well, one of them is not and I'll bet you'll be surprised which one.

Miss Kenley has a little habit she's been doing ONLY when we are in the car and I'm not looking. She reaches over and puts her hand on Wyatt's arm or lap and acts so innocent and then pinches. She is super sneaky about it, too. She has never pinched other than in the car and stops when I look, but Chris has actually videoed it. She saw me trying to take a picture and started saying "cheeeeese" and this smart girl wasn't about to misbehave for the camera. Poor Wyatt, is always telling me, "Mooooommmmy, Kenley's pinching me." Silly girl. I guess it's a good thing she can hold her own. It cracks me up. And yes she gets "in trouble" for it.

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