Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Life Lately (And 18 week pregnancy update)

This is what I look like anytime my kids are sleeping or Chris is being superdad. I've had the worst migraines ever for 18 weeks now. I had them pretty bad with Wyatt, not as bad with Kenley, but none have lasted this long and sometimes it's just depressing. Don't get me wrong, I'm counting my blessings daily that I'm pregnant and that Baby is healthy and growing, I just wish I could be much more productive than I have been lately. I've tried a chiropractor, but it wasn't instant relief and even with insurance it was pretty expensive for the amount of times I needed to go per week. This past weekend I got a massage and she really worked on trigger points and I've had a few decent days so I'm hoping this is helping a little. Several people mentioned eating honey. I don't love honey or hate it, so I've been trying to add some in here and there. As far as dealing with the headaches and migraines I'm getting pretty good and I'm convinced I could make a few things for people that suffer from migraines. Lately, ice packs have felt good and seem to help. I have one that goes around my head and covers my eyes and it works well, too. I like to pull my blankets up to cover my ears to make it even more quiet in the room. Chris has been such a blessing - on top of working lots, he goes way above and beyond every chance he gets. The best part about Chris taking over and doing things I should have done or didn't get to is that he NEVER makes me feel bad about it. Of course, it's hard as a mom and wife to not get the house completely cleaned, or have dinner made, or whatever, but he never makes me feel that way.

Another blessing lately: When we decided I was going to stay home it took very careful budgeting and several cut backs. Another great thing about Chris is how he handles money (me, not so much) and how he got things paid off and all organized so that I could stay home. He loves him some Dave Ramsey! Anyways, for Kenley's pregnancy and now this one there is always a large amount of money due and so we always have to save up, budget a little differently, and take on some extra jobs here and there to have the money ready. Actually, for Wyatt we had to do the same thing because even though I was working we had to prepare for maternity leave. Anyways, my point is it gets a little stressful, but it always works out. Since Chris is the "money guy" he totally gets freaked out and panics and was convinced that he needed to get a weekend job. I felt awful. I didn't want him to have to work more on top of what he's doing. So I prayed and prayed that God would help us some how make things work where Chris didn't have to do this or feel the need to do this. Now, I did some stuff like I added babysitting to my account - I already was listed as a tutor, but never really got any jobs from the website but went ahead and added that to my profile. A few weeks ago a friend saw me on and asked me to babysit every Tuesday while Wyatt is at school (and bring Kenley) so she could get some things done. She had been nervous about getting a sitter and it worked great that I could do it and I had been needing a job. Kenley and the other little girl have so much fun playing, too. What an absolute blessing and answered prayer. This has been such a help, and I'm so so so grateful. Shortly after that another friend needed some math help for her kiddo who is getting ready to take the standardized tests and called me. She wanted me to come twice a week for a few weeks. God is good and always provides. And getting to help out with everything really makes me feel good.

Now, here's what the kids have been up to. Lots and lots of playing at home. They play together so well.

Sand art

Our new sandbox from Grammy for Easter. We like sand!

Getting ready for Summer

Kenley can play cars with the boys and Wyatt can be a great Daddy when playing house.

Wyatt is doing the diaper and Kenley is doing the bottle. This melted my heart!

Finishing up the year at preschool. This week we had the Spring Fling field day and I got to help out. It was so cute watching all the kids play together.

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