Friday, March 8, 2013

Super Hero Day!

Today was Super Hero Day at Stroller Strides. Look at my precious BatBabies.

I tried and tried and tried to get a perfect picture and getting 2 kids to look, sit still, and smile was not happening. They were pretty pumped up to be Batman and Batgirl, too.

Wyatt wanted to make sure I got a pic of his cape.

Ready to watch Mommy (who wore a USMC shirt of Daddy's as my super hero outfit) workout.

Wyatt loves Ellie and she loves him. Isn't she adorable in her purple Batgirl outfit?!

Climbing trees with his super powers. I had to have him come down when he got so high the branch was bending.

And a cute conversation Wyatt and I had today about how we can't eat junk food and need to eat healthy food/snacks and make good choices as we were shopping at Target.

Mommy: I got these new raisins to try. They are covered in yogurt and taste like candy, but they are actually a healthy snack.
Wyatt: What?! Are you sure? (He was eating them and must have thought they were too good.)
Mommy: Yup. Healthy food can taste good, too.
Wyatt: Are you kidding me?!

He cracks me up with the silly things he says. And he's pretty good about eating fruit and veggies, but he LOVES junk food and candy so we are trying to cut it out better.

And when Chris was leaving for work today Wyatt yelled, "Don't make too much money at work today, Daddy!" Sometimes I'm not sure where he gets this stuff, but it's funny.

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