Monday, March 25, 2013


Part of the reason Wyatt is in preschool 2 days a week is because he was not wanting to do ABC's and 123's with me. He's always preferred to line cars up, stack cars, sort cars, zoom cars..... He will do things like puzzles and learning games, but wasn't really interested in numbers and letters. I have no idea why. Being a teacher and now a tutor I always wondered why parents would pay me when they could just do the work with their kids, and I totally get it now. I love how things come full circle when you are a parent. My days of judging are long gone. God sure does humble us, doesn't he?!

I try not to worry too much, but I really don't want him to struggle in school. I want him to love school. Some kids in his class can write their names! Well, Wyatt does things in his time, which usually isn't alarmingly late (except when he's the first child and I still worry about things like this), but usually isn't "early" either. So I'll blog this to remind myself in the future not to worry too much.

The other day he was playing with the computer keyboard and recognizing the "W" for Wyatt. Today he told me each of the numbers on the number legos and put them together then counted the pictures and put them with their numbers. Yay! Way to go, Wyatt. I'll stop worrying. You've got this. ;)

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