Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Zoo Trip {Kenley's 1st}

Our friends, Cooper and Chancy, invited us to the zoo for Cooper's birthday. This was Kenley's first trip to the zoo. Wyatt went when he was 6 months old for the first time with Cooper, too! Most of my pictures are of the back of Wyatt's head but I simply love watching his get so excited, run up to the fence/window and look at all the animals (or whatever else he found that seems neat). His phrase of the day was "I have an idea!" and his idea was usually about how he could feed or touch the animal we were looking at. He wants to touch everything he sees. Always. Usually when we go to the zoo for half a day we just go to one side and today we went to the Wilds of Africa.

Penguins (yes, penguins that like warm weather)

Not as big as the Emperors, but bigger than the African penguins

Just like her big brother when he went to the zoo for the 1st time, her favorite thing was the trees

Had to play on all the statues

A very nice area for the giraffes, elephants, and other animals

Playing in a Jeep

Monorail ride

Mommy and Kenley on the monorail. Yes! She is always smiling!!!!

Getting ready to head home.

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