Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

She did it! I mean WE did it! Kenley has been sleeping in her crib for naps and night. I think it was way harder for me to move her out of our room (her bassinet) than it was for her. However, I did try to wean her from the swaddle and that was a different story... so we are leaving her swaddled for now. Now I will tell you why there are 2 different monitor pictures up there. First of all, Wyatt was in his crib by 2 months old and the main reason was that he would only sleep on his tummy and once we figured that out we put him in the crib so that we could use the sensor monitor that let us know he was breathing. That made us feel much better and we loved the monitor. The other reason it was more convenient was because our house was a one story. I know, lazy. Wyatt also hated to be swaddled.

So Kenley is completely different. I'm paranoid and I have this fear (which is probably crazy) that she will roll over in her swaddle so I keep her on this sleep positioner wedge thing and it makes me feel better (and the wedges are short enough that if she moved down it wouldn't be touching her nose or mouth). The reason I mention all that is because she couldn't use the sensor monitor because she wouldn't be right against the mattress. So we needed a new monitor and I decided it would be cool to see her and we should get a video monitor. I'll speed this story up - I found one on Craigslist. I was super excited. I had my mom go with me to meet the person to get it. And I got stood up. My mom jokes that he saw that I had someone else with me and decided not to kidnap me. Scary! Anyways, I was bummed and ready to let Kenley sleep in her crib (a whole other story - the doctor told me at her 4 month well check that it was time and she needed to learn how to sleep longer and self soothe). My stepdad surprised us with an iBaby monitor from Apple, which is the first pricture. It was super cool to be able to watch on our phones and ipad and even Chris could watch at work. BUT, yes, I said he could watch at work so my first concern was that anyone who guessed our paswword and username could just watch our baby. I decided I was just paranoid so tried it for another night and woke up to a blank screen that said it had disconnected. What?! And 3rd reason, you couldn't play it in the background so no using the phone when Kenley was sleeping. We ended up returning it and got the one in the second picture and I LOVE it. The sound is great, the picture is great, and I can easily move it to the playroom to watch Wyatt play while getting stuff done. Great peace of mind for all situations needed. As I type, Wyatt and Kenley are both sound asleep. Wyatt with his "just sound" monitor and Kenley on the new KenleyCam. It's nice to be able to get work done during the day. I had been being "bad" and holding Kenley a lot during the day and letting her cat nap and then was up all night trying to get stuff done. Thanks to my good friends and doctor's advice we are settling into a routine.

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