Wednesday, February 22, 2012

4 Months {Kenley}

At 4 months old Kenley is...

14 lbs 3 oz

24 in

sleeping through the night (sometimes waking up to eat once)

nursing about every 3 hours during the day

eating cereal and some fruits and veggies (bananas, apples, avocado, and sweet potato)

grabbing toys and taking them straight to her mouth



rolling over both ways

She loves to...

play in her Bumbo, exersaucer, swing, and Johnny jumper

suck on her hand, especially her right pointer finger

watch TV (she wants to see what's on all the time)

make her toys crinkle, rattle, and squeak

take a bath

play Superman in Daddy's arms

watch Mommy at Stroller Strides and hang out in the jogger

laugh at her brother

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