Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kenley's First Bites

Kenley will be 4 months old on the 16th and has been showing signs of being ready for some solid foods. She watches us eat and has been waking up more and more to eat during the night among other signs. So this past weekend we gave her a teaspoon of rice cereal and she ate it like a pro. It wasn't even too messy for her first try. Over the next 2 days we increased it to about 3 teaspoons. Today she even tried bananas (homemade with my Baby Bullet) and LOVED them. She now eats solid food twice a day and I think she's a fan. These pictures aren't her very first time because that's a video and it's l-o-n-g.

P.S. I couldn't pick my favorite picture so here's a few.

I think she's excited.

My mom ordered my sister and I each a Baby Bullet a long time ago when she was watching some late night infomercial. I finally busted it out and got it all ready to use. I made bananas last night for the first time and it was super easy (Wyatt can do it next time with me), easy to clean up the parts, and look how cute the little jars are. These are the bananas. They only turned a little brownish over night and looked and tasted fine.

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