Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our life lately...

This post is going to some random stuff that I keep wanting to post and haven't gotten around to. Wyatt keeps us laughing non-stop. You just never know what he'll do or say. Some of the favorite things to say lately are shoessss, elmo, mouse, uh-oh, NO!, Wyatt, wa-wa (waffle), milkkkkk, aPPle, bounce (you'll see why in a minute), poo-poo (yup, potty training isn't too far away), vrooooom vroooooom, rooooooar, and lots more. Those are just the faves!

So, one day a long time ago (I don't even remember how old Wyatt was) he had a horrible day at babybootcamp. He was hitting, not sharing, and the list went on. Now I know that it was a short phase, but then I panicked a little because he was being a bully. So, off I went straight to Target to get a time out spot (thank you, Super Nanny). We've had this spot for awhile and rarely have to use it, but occasionally.... well, you see. The story this time was that Wyatt wanted popcorn and we were about to go to dinner so he couldn't have more. He threw a huge fit. We tried all the good parenting things - didn't work. Finally, we told him that if he was going to scream and cry to go do it on his mat. He went straighte over there, say down, and stopped crying. This is what I saw when I went to get him. So cute!

Wyatt LOVES being outside. He would probably like us to let him live out there. We went to the park and Raider (we have 2 dogs but he was the lucky one today) came, too. Wyatt walked almost the whole way home and it was quite a walk. Most of the walk he carried his guitar, but then he wanted to walk Raider. Here he is being big and helping Daddy.

We went to Pap and Lori's for New Year's Eve for a party with lots of family, friends, and other kiddos. Wyatt did such a great job. He played with other kids, ate, hung out on the couch and watched "mouse," ate, walked around and talked to everyone, ate, and just had a great time. He never once fussed. He even made it past midnight (yes, we are trying to get parents of the year twice in a row). We thought for sure he'd crash on the way home - nope! But he did go straight to bed. It was a great night and a perfect way to bring in the new year.

End of the night... Wyatt in his jammies

Aunt Sarah hanging out with Wyatt watching "mouse"

One night, Wyatt's BFF, Aidan, came over for dinner and to play. We had such a great time all getting to hang out and the boys had a BLAST! Here they are in the bounce house. They play so rough and they are definitely all boy. We were mostly thankful for no boo-boos that night. Aidan and Wyatt are in the same class and they play together all day. When Aidan leaves, Wyatt gets so sad.

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